Sexy Clothing Items You Can Wear to Seduce Your Man

By JUDITH MONTELL / Jul 18, 2019

Want to spice up your love life? Dressing up for your man in the bedroom can reignite the passion in your relationship. It can even strengthen your relationship and bring the two of you closer.

That said, you don't have to think too hard about what you should wear in the bedroom. When done correctly, any woman can make pajamas look extremely sexy and alluring. But of course, some clothes do appear sexier than the others. Depending on your man's personal taste, he might like something a bit more saucy and naughty in the bedroom. So, we compiled some ideas for you to try later.

Bedroom Attires That Will Drive Your Man Crazy

Knowing your man's preference can help you figure out what to wear in bed to turn him on. Choosing the right bedroom attire really matters. It's important to show a little bit of skin every now and then to entice your man.

Sure, you can always ask for what he wants you to wear in the bedroom, but where's the fun in that? Why not give him a little surprise with some of these sexy attires? So, go strut your stuff with these hot outfits and drive your man crazy!

Short pajamas

As mentioned earlier, the right pajamas can be one of the sexiest things a woman can wear in the bedroom. You don't have to try too hard, just simple short pajamas will be more than enough to turn your man on. Try a set of pajamas made of satin for an effortlessly sexy yet comfortable look.

Off-the-shoulder tops

Guys love it when women show a little bit of skin. It leaves a lot of room for imagination and that will drive your man crazy. Off-the-shoulder tops are a great thing to wear to bed. There are currently lots of different pajama tops that are specifically designed to drape off of your shoulder. But if you don't want to buy something new, just wear your usual pajama top, unbutton some of the top buttons, and let one of the sides hang off of your shoulder sexily.

Your man's shirt

You don't have to think too hard about what to wear to bed with a guy. Sometimes, just wearing one of his shirts will do! Your man will go absolutely crazy to see you in one of his usual shirts. Since the shirt will likely be too big on you, it will make you look effortlessly adorable yet sexy. Wearing his shirt will also give him the signal that you're his and his alone. It's definitely going to be a huge turn on for him.

High heels

Want to give your man a nice little surprise? When he's in bed, tell him to wait for you to come in. Then, put on a pair of gorgeous high heels, wear absolutely nothing, and strut your stuff in the bedroom. Don't forget to show him some flirty poses. His jaw will drop and he'll be turned on instantly.

If you're shy, practice strutting in front of the mirror first. Practicing different poses in front of the mirror will boost your confidence.

Sexy lingerie with garters and stockings

You just can't go wrong with a sexy set of lingerie. It's one of the best outfits you can pick when you're dressing up for your man in the bedroom. It's classic, alluring, and most importantly there are so many different colors and styles you can choose from.

For a sweet look, try a pink and lacy lingerie set. Meanwhile, a white lingerie set will make you look innocent and it might remind your husband of your wedding night. Lastly, for something more provocative, try black or red lingerie sets with lace details.


A corset is one of the sexiest types of lingerie you can try. It's a fabulous choice to unleash the sexy love goddess within you. A good corset will make you look slimmer and sexier as well as build up your confidence in the bedroom. For a classic sexy look, try a corset with plastic boning and pair it with a pair of sheer stockings and high heels.

Short kimono robe

This is the classiest lingerie you can choose. A satin kimono robe will leave a lot of room for imaginations for your man. You can either wear nothing underneath or a simple bra and panties combination. Either way, your man will absolutely love this look.


A babydoll is always a great option to look super sensual and alluring in bed. It can be a powerful piece of lingerie to set the mood for an exciting night. Best of all, there are so many different colors and designs you can choose from.

For those who are a little more insecure, try a comfortable satin babydoll in black for a slimming and sexy look. And for those who are more confident, you can choose a sheer babydoll for an ultra alluring look. Lastly, for an innocent and girl look, try pastel pink or baby blue babydolls.

Roleplay costumes

Lastly, spice up your sex life by trying out different roleplay costumes to excite your man. Roleplaying and dressing up for your man in the bedroom can be a sexy way to change your lovemaking routine. Your guy will absolutely love this frisky and sensual act.

You can try to discuss this with your man first and find out what fantasies he has in mind. Then, one night you can surprise him with a sexy little costume. The most popular roleplaying costumes include nurse, French maid, cheerleader, doctor, police, schoolgirl, and stewardess. So, pick one of those and get ready for a steamy night with your man!


So, which sexy piece of clothing will you be trying out tonight? Remember, the key to seducing your man is an air of confidence and some practice. If you're feeling a bit shy, prepare yourself beforehand by trying out sexy poses in front of the mirror. Eventually, you'll master the art of dressing up for your man in the bedroom and alluring him. Good luck!